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Required Postings

Premont ISD Required Website Information and Postings


State and Federal Laws require specific information be posted on a school district's website. The requirements vary widely as well as exactly where to post the information. The purpose of this page is to provide our community with a quick resource for locating such information.

RFP – Request for Proposals


Employment Policies

Student Health Advisory Committee

Local Wellness Policy – Adopted July 18, 2017

Local Wellness Policy Checklist

Levels of Endorsement

Transition and Employment Guide

Financial Information

Premont ISD Debt Report FY 2017


Proposed Budget 2017-2018

Proposed Budget 2018-2019

Adopted Budget 2017-2018


First Rating = Superior 2016-2017

First Rating = Above Standar 2017-2018

Contact Information

Premont ISD
PO Box 530
Premont, Tx 78375

Conflicts Disclosure Statements and Questionnaires

Notice of Board Meetings

Proposed Capital Appreciation of Bonds

Electricity, Water and Natural Gas Usage

Proposed Maintenance and Operations Tax Rate

Texas Academic Performance Report

Public Hearing Notification – Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) 2016-2017

Annual Federal Report Card

2016-2017 District Federal Report Card

TEA Link – District

2016-2017 Federal Report Card – High School

TEA LINK _ High School

2016-2017 Federal Report Card – Elementary

TEA LINK-Elementary

2016-2017 Federal Report Card – State of Texas

2015-2016 District Federal Report Card

TEA Link – Elementary

TEA LINK – High School

Assessment Information

Vacant Employment Positions

Superintendent’s Contract

Procedural Safeguards Notice Regarding Special Education

Bullying Policy

Report a Bully

Premont Collegiate

Premont Early College Academy